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What you don’t see is just as important as what you do see.

What you don’t see in quality metal coatings: enhanced proprietary resin and pigment development, use of safer raw materials, formula progression and continual quality control. What you do see: a beautiful, environmentally responsible coating that lasts. Every job gets the expertise and quality needed to deliver the right solution, all the way down to the molecular level. 

Innovation and beauty aside, metal coatings need to perform and withstand the harshest weather conditions. When your name is on the product or building, you don’t want to settle for a subpar coating.

Coatings are composed of four principal ingredients: pigment, resin, solvent and additives.

·  Pigments provide color, camouflage and chemical resistance.

·  The resin is the binding agent that holds the pigment to the substrate, providing resistance from the elements and inclement weather.

·  Solvents transport solids to and from the substrate. The percentage of each ingredient can change depending on the coating’s color and final application.

·  Additives are any number of chemicals added to the coating, usually in small amounts to enhance the paints performance in a number of areas.

When metal is exposed to sunlight, moisture, humidity, high temperatures and temperature fluctuations, it can suffer color changes, chalking, blistering, corrosion and other problems.

A quality coating provides protection from these potential issues. Along with superior protection, the right coating can boost energy savings and aesthetic appeal while hiding metal defects. 

Test, test and test again. Through rigorous testing, a coating manufacture learns about how weather conditions affect various coatings. Knowing how extreme weather conditions affect a coating are critical variables for formulating new materials (resins and pigments) as well as continually improving on old formulas.

As the world’s leading coil metal coatings manufacturer, Sherwin-Williams continually aims for innovations that make products better and more efficient — and it shows. We don’t skimp on quality, and our metal coatings deliver performance you can depend on.


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